What to do with my anger? – Akil Küpüm

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What to do with my anger?

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German children's book

  • Do you sometimes get angry too?
    Me, yes.

    Sometimes I'm so angry I'd like to scream really loud, I want to yell at someone, I'd like to tear something up or kick something.

    When I'm angry, my heart beats much faster than usual, I'm hot and my head turns red like a tomato.

    This book shows the different types of anger in a sensitive way. At the same time, there is an opportunity to talk to children about this important feeling and offers suggestions for dealing with anger.

      • Promotes children's emotional development

      • Important non-fiction books

      • Illustrated in full color throughout

      • Easy-to-understand texts

    • Large format hardcover

    Dagmar Geisler , bestselling author and child development expert, has been writing non-fiction books for over 25 years emotional development of children help. She treats difficult topics such as feelings in a sensitive and child-friendly manner and thus supports parents and children in talking about it.

    36 pages,

    22.0x27.5 cm