My body is mine! – Akil Küpüm

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My body is mine!

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German children's book

Saying 'no' and avoiding unpleasant touches is not easy. Confident children find it easier to be clear about what they like and don't like. Therefore, it is important for all children to become aware of their feelings and their bodies. Because that's the only way they can set limits.

The clear message of the images, the simple text and the accompanying body map offer suggestions for discussion and reflection on the important topic of crossing sexual boundaries.

Awarded the Children's and Young People's Book Prize of the German Association of Female Doctors. V., "The Silver Feather"

Dagmar Geisler , bestselling author and child development expert, has been writing non-fiction books that help with children's emotional development for over 25 years. She treats difficult topics such as education in a sensitive and child-friendly manner and sexual border crossing and supports parents and children to talk about it.

36 pages,

22.0x27.5 cm